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A Life to Live and Write, a website cum blog for me to store and share my writings online.

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Either Created by your thoughts;
Or by your deeds.

Here, you will find the collection of Stories out of my thoughts or my life incidents. Poems that I have carved on a lazy Sunday Morning or at deep 3AM Nights. The thoughts that keep wandering around my head. The books, poems and the stories of other people that I have come across, and my feelings about reading them.

Top Stories


That’s not how it is! That’s not how it has been! For everyone who has been in love, every human, they certainly do have felt that way, and some of them would have been luckier. They would have felt deeper than that, they would have been in true love. What’s the difference?


The Drag!

And then there I stood, lighting my first cigarette, breaking every rule and promise I ever made regarding it. I stood alone, my pinky finger supporting the matchbox as I lit the cigarette. No, I was not smoking in an attempt to look cool. Moreover, I tried my best to stand as much as possible on the dark side of the road, in case someone passed through that road.


I crave every moment to hold your beautiful face,
Leaving those little curves for my lips to trace.
To feel you close, and look deep down your eyes,
Have you touch my heart, as our beats synchronize.
To hear your lovely voice, and let our silence sing a song,
To keep admiring, and make every smile of you last long.

I hope you have a great time going through my writings!